Here at LoveFromHol we ONLY offer AUSTRALIA WIDE SHIPPING. (We use Australia Post to post all your packages)

Standard: $9.15

Express: $12.00

All larger items or bulk items such as our Pouches or multiple Scrunchies are $9.15AUD to be shipped. This means your package is guaranteed to show up to your home. This also includes tracking on anything you buy. 

If you are buying 1-2 smaller items such as 1-2 Scrunchies or Chapstick Keychain Holders you have the choice between $9.15AUD Tracked shipping or $2.50AUD Untracked shipping.

If you chose Untracked shipping and your package doesn't arrive, the loss of your order is NOT my responsibility. By choosing Untracked Shipping your package may not arrive for 1-3 weeks.

If you're a friend, family member, etc. and can get your items through me physically and don't need to pay for shipping use code: DELIVERY at checkout! Please confirm with me before payment that I can get to you physically.